M6 Business History Workshop: Firms’ Responses to Globalisation in Different Periods of History

17 10 2011

M6 Business History

Theme: Workshop Firms’ Responses to Globalisation in Different Periods of History

Coventry University

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The M6 Business History Group is an informal network of business historians who live and work near the M6 Motorway. The last meeting of the group was at Aston University, near Birmingham. The next one will be at Coventry University.

The Port of Liverpool Building from the River Mersey. Image was taken sometime between 1907 and 1914.

Copyright Status: Public Domain.

As scholars such as Geoffrey Jones, Jeffrey Williamson, and Kevin O’Rourke have demonstrated, globalisation is not a new phenomenon. Indeed, the world economy has experienced successive waves of globalisation and deglobalisation. How companies responded to the challenges and opportunities created by these waves is a topic of interest to a growing number of business historians. Other business historians have explored the role of specific firms in the global integration of markets.

The title of the workshop indicates that we will focus on how firms have either responded to globalisation or helped to make globalisation possible. However, we will encourage the submission of papers that do not necessarily correspond with the theme. Presenters from all disciplines are encouraged to attend this workshop, as are those who work in archives, corporate or otherwise.  Papers are welcome on any time period, area or context, both from established scholars, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students. A small sum of money had been set aside to assist post-graduate students with travel costs. If you are interested in presenting, please submit a 200-word abstract to Andrew Smith ab0352 (at) coventry.ac.uk before 1 December 2011. If you are interested in simply attending, please return the form by 19 January 2012.

The workshop is free to attend and open to all, but for catering and space reasons, please indicate if you are intending to participate by filling in the Booking Form and emailing it to Andrew Smith.



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