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15 04 2014

I came across your blog as part of research I’m helping with, locating resources about Sir John A. for the commission organizing the bicentennial birthday celebrations in Kingston. I apologize for hijacking this page, but I really would like to connect with you about your blog entry on the Canadian banking system where you mention the personal role Sir John A played in the shaping of the system. One of the roles I’m playing is to identify material or links that we could include in what we’re grandly calling The Library, a repository of information about Sir John, that would be accessible from the main site (see below). Your entry talks about a paper you were presenting, one that seems like the kind of more analytical and contextualizing piece we would like to be able to point to or reproduce, if that might be at all possible.
And, I’d like to add, I’m now a big fan of your blog, so regardless of how you respond to the above, thank you, from someone who’s neither a social scientist nor a historian.

17 04 2014

The research mentioned in this blog post was later published in a journal called Enterprise and Society. I’ll post some links later.

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