Historians of 19th Century Canada Presenting at the CHA 2009

8 05 2009

Most historians of Canada concentrate on the twentieth century. As a result, the annual conference of the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) is normally dominated by papers on the period after 1914. It is therefore gratifying to see a significant number of papers on pre-Confederation history. Here are the panels that to which I am going to listen. Most of these panels will be taking place on the first day of the conference, Monday, 26 May.

830-1000  “Authority and Political Culture in Upper Canada/Ontario”

2.1 Neil Ferry, Nipissing University, “Partaking Plentifully of the Fruits which their Hands have Earned: Conflict, Accommodation and Popular Liberalism among Skilled Workers in Ontario, 1848-1876”
2.2 Laura Joanna Smith, University of Toronto “Rebel Ireland Abroad: Irish Violence in British North America”
Reconsidered 2.3 Rebecca Beausaert, York University “Bad Girls in the Country: Assessing the ‘Girl Problem’ in Oxford County,
Ontario, 1870-1914”
2.4 Michelle Vosburgh, Brock University “Meritorious Officers” and “Occupants in Good Faith”: Negotiations of Authority and Autonomy in the Canada West Crown Lands Department and its Policies”

1030-1200: Roundtable on Liberalism and Hegemony (although it isn’t evident from the title, this paper focuses on the 19th century)

1330-1500 “Religion, Educational Authority, and the State in British North America”

Bruce, Curtis,  “Comment sanctifier la journée: Religious Authority and Common Schooling in the Lower Canadian 1830s”
17.2 Anthony Di Mascio, University of Ottawa “The Authority of Public Opinion and the Making of Educational Legislation in Upper Canada, 1793-1832”
17.3 Paul John Reale, University of Chicago “The Making of an Imperial System of Education in Upper Canada, 1791-1871”

I’m also looking forward to Chris Tait, Department of National Defence “The Politics of Holidaymaking in Canada: Wilfrid Laurier, Imperialism, and the 24th of May”



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