New Nature’s Past Podcast

21 09 2009
Logo of the Nature's Past Podcast

Logo of the Nature's Past Podcast

The ninth episode of  Nature’s Past, the podcast produced by NiCHE, the Network in Canadian History & Environment is now available here. This episode that looks at environmental history graduate studies in Canada.  Previous episodes can be downloaded from the NiCHE website.

The podcaster, Sean Kheraj, is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of History at the University of British Columbia. He has previously written about the environmental history of Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Currently, he is researching a new project on the history of urban animals in Canada.

The monthly Nature’s Past podcasts are a way of keeping abreast of the rapidly growing field of Canadian environmental history.  The podcasts are similar in format to a CBC Radio One documentary and feature interviews with scholars in the field talking about their research. They are designed to appeal to both academic historians and ordinary Canadians who are interested in the environmental history of their country.



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