30 09 2009

I thought that I would repost this:

“The ( committee is
pleased to announce that we are actively soliciting papers in all
areas of historical inquiry, including but not limited to several
specific targeted areas. We are looking for short papers on important
historical topics that might be of interest to policy makers, the
media or the general public. Papers (approximately 2,000 – 4,000 words
in length) should engage critical issues facing Canadian society, and
must be written for a general audience.

We are soliciting papers on a wide array of themes, including but not
limited to:

* Aboriginal life, communities and treaty issues
* Climate change and the environment
* Economy, development, taxation and finance
* Education
* Gender and sexuality
* International affairs and security
* Medicine, health care and public health
* Trade unions and employment

Editorial guidelines can be found at

Papers should be submitted is a new website to help connect historians with the
public, policy makers and the media.If you have any questions, please contact us at   We look forward to hearing from you.”



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