New Canadian Citizenship Guide

13 11 2009

The government has unveiled its new guide to Canadian citizenship, known in English as Discover Canada. The contributors who helped to write the guide include a number of academics, including several historians:

Dr. Janet Ajzenstat

Mr. Curtis Barlow

Dr. Randy Boyagoda

Mr. Marc Chalifoux

General John de Chastelain

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson

Mr. Andrew Cohen

Mr. Alex Colville

Ms. Ann Dadson

Dr. Xavier Gélinas

Dr. Jack Granatstein

Mr. Rudyard Griffiths

Dr. Lynda Haverstock

Dr. Peter Henshaw

Dr. D. Michael Jackson

Senator Serge Joyal

Dr. Margaret MacMillan

Dr. Christopher McCreery

Mr. James Marsh

Fr. Jacques Monet, SJ

Dr. Jim Miller

Ms. Deborah Morrison

Dr. Desmond Morton

Mr. Bernard Pothier

Mr. Colin Robertson

Dr. John Ralston Saul

Organizations that assisted with the prepartion of the guide include: Canada’s National History Society; Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada (FCFA); Historica — Dominion * Institute for Canadian Citizenship.
I will post some thought about the historical section of the guide later today. These thoughts will include a list of the historical inaccuracies and serious ommissions I discovered.



One response

25 11 2009

The test of good citizenship is loyalty to country,Government health care changes the relationship between the citizen and the state, and, in fact, I think it’s an assault on citizenship.

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