New Blog on Academic Career Management for Historians

23 11 2009

This blog was announced today on H-Business.


“The blog is called “In the Service of Clio” and is an extended discussion about career management issues early in your scholarly career as a historian. The individual running the website is Nicholas Evan Sarantakes, a professor of strategy at the Naval War College. The blog often features guest contributions from other historians. Previous essays have focused on the admissions process into grad school, strategies on how to get published, and what makes for a good dissertation. The blog is currently running a series of essays from history Ph.D.s who are using their degrees outside of the normal history department where everyone expects to find employment immediately after grad school. These essays have include topics like: teaching at the service academies, working at community colleges, and being a historian for the U.S. government, just to name a few. The blog is intended for grad students and newly minted Ph.D.s but I highly recommend it for all.”



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