Course Outlines for Winter 2010 Term Online

10 12 2009

The course outlines for my winter 2010 term courses are now available online. In the term starting in January, I’ll be teaching HIST 1407  Canadian History Since Confederation; HIST 4165, an honours seminar on British North America in the Confederation period, and HIST 5157, Selected Topics in 19th-century North American History. This will be the third time I teach HIST 1407. I finished teaching our pre-Confederation survey course today. 5157 is a graduate course designed to introduce the students to the vast secondary literature on business history while strengthening their skills in the digital humanities. As their group project, the students in 5157 will be developing a website about the history of a particular nineteenth-century Canadian company.

I will post more details once that website is up and running.



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