Gerald Friesen on University History Teaching

4 01 2010

In this two-part video, University of Manitoba historian Gerald Friesen talks about effective history teaching at the university level.



One response

5 01 2010
Fat Arse

Gerry was one of my profs during my MA grad school days at MB in the late-80s. A good communicator and diligent lecturer, his seminar class on Western Cdn history was full of a narrative containing all the ‘big ideas’ he identified in the above talk. Though the introduction of these ‘big ideas’ certainly made for many interesting seminar sessions; there was always a sense that Gerry would not abide too much dissent if one started to probe too far into the veracity of their import to the history at hand. Not saying he was a bad prof, quite the contrary, but if he was ever truly pressed or challenged about his core beliefs in class – he was not the type to forget …

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