Humour Break: Japanese Whaling Ship Rams Batmobile

7 01 2010

This video doesn’t really have anything to do with Canadian history, but I can’t resist sharing it, perhaps because I like slapstick comedy. The video shows a collision between a Japanese research whaling vessel and the batmobile on water a futuristic boat owned by the Sea Shephard Society, which tries to interfere with whaling operations. What I find hilarious about this video is that the crew of the Japanese vessel continue to train water cannon on the protestors after the collision, thereby adding insult to injury.

Last week, we tried looking for whale meat in a Japanese supermarket. We couldn’t find any, which is just as well because the texture is tough. It really needs to be marinated with lime to be edible.



3 responses

7 01 2010

I’m sorry, I don’t really want to get into an argument over this, but this for me is a lot more disturbing than funny. Environmentalists argue (as you imply) that the research is a fabricated excuse for the illegal meat, taken from a population that – for various biological reasons – can’t sustain itself against human hunting.

7 01 2010

hunting a species to extinction isn’t funny, but this particular collision is comical, especially since the boat being rammed a) looks weird b) was violating the basic rules of navigation. The fact the Japanes continued to hose down the boat after the collision is also funny. Of course, if someone had died I wouldn’t be laughing.

7 01 2010

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