Congress in World and Global History

27 01 2010

Next year the Third European Congress in World and Global History will be hosted by the Department of Economic History at LSE, on 14-17 April 2011. Though the congress is intended to cover the full breadth of world, global and transnational history, we hope that it will include plenty of economic history, as did the preceding conference in Dresden in 2008. The Call for PANELS is below; please note that the deadline is 28 February (this year).

14 – 17 (not 11-14) April 2011, London School of Economics & Political Science


Recent decades have seen the re-emergence and, on an unprecedented scale, the further development of various interacting strands of world, global and trans-national history, all sharing the aim of transcending national historiographies. Connections and comparisons have been central to these intellectual enterprises.

We cordially invite proposals for panels examining comparisons, connections and entanglements between polities, societies, communities and individuals situated in, or spanning, different regions of the world. The perspectives involved will range from interactions between humanity and the environment, including over the very long term, through the cultural and economic histories of material and social life, to empires, international organizations, oceans as spaces of sustained interaction between communities from different continents, the experience and consequences of migration, periods of ‘de-globalization’ and ‘globalization’, and the intercontinental sources and consequences of revolutions, whether political, technological, social or ideological. Not least, we encourage critical reflection on the methodological and conceptual issues involved in comparative, transnational and entangled histories: whether in general, or in relation to specific areas of historical inquiry, from religions to real wages, from diasporas to epistemic communities. We look forward to contributions from not only from scholars in various disciplines, based both in Europe and around the world. Conference languages will be English, French and German.

Proposals: We invite proposals for panels comprising 3-6 participants. In addition to the names, affiliations and email and snailmail addresses of the participants, proposals should include titles and abstracts of the panel as a whole (200-600 words) and of each individual paper (100-300 words). Please note that, at this stage, it is only proposals for panels, rather than for isolated papers, that are sought. However, panel proposers are welcome to leave one or two spaces for further papers. After the Steering Committee has selected panels, in April 2010, there will be a second Call, inviting proposals for individual papers to take up any vacant slots in the already-accepted panels.

Proposals should be submitted as email attachments to Katja Naumann at:



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