Winter Olympics Medal Counts, 1900 to Present, Per Capita

17 02 2010

# 1        Liechtenstein:      266.928 per 1 million people
# 2       Norway:     57.2611 per 1 million people
# 3       Finland:     27.1874 per 1 million people
# 4       Austria:     19.7923 per 1 million people
# 5       Switzerland:     13.7535 per 1 million people
# 6       Sweden:     11.9973 per 1 million people
# 7       Luxembourg:     4.2683 per 1 million people
# 8       Netherlands:     4.20552 per 1 million people
# 9       Canada:     2.92638 per 1 million people
# 10       Estonia:     2.25056 per 1 million people


Historian Matt Hayday has some thoughts about international coverage of the Olympics in a blog post called “The Empires Snide Back“. You can read about one economist’s predictions re medal counts here.

One prediction market is suggesting that Germany will gain the largest number of medals.



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17 02 2010
Test & Keep iPad

South Korea and Switzerland each have four medals. Three each in gold, with South Korea earning a silver and Switzerland earning a bronze.

17 02 2010

I was wondering last night what would happen if you took the medal counts and not only did them on a per capita basis, but then further broke that down by GNP, to account for how much money could be spent on training the athletes and providing their equipment.

17 02 2010

Hi Matthew, That’s the type of thing the sports economists are interested in. Check out:

Communist dictatorships do better at the Olympics than their per capita GDP would predict. That’s because they put money into sport instead of consumer goods.

Canada does quite well at the Olympics given that our general population is so overweight and unathletic. We’re more of a snowmobiling country than a skiing country.

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