OAH Magazine Special Issue on Business History

7 04 2010

Along with environmental history, business history is one of the fastest growing sub-fields of history at the moment. The January 2010  issue of the OAH Magazine of History was devoted to the current state of business historiography. The basic point of this theme issue was to show historians who do not identify themselves as business historians that business history is very relevant to their teaching and research.

The magazine included the following articles:

Bringing in Business History Front and Center
Pamela Walker Laird

Classic Issues and Fresh Themes in Business History
Philip Scranton

American Manufacturing, 1850-1930: A Business History Approach
Mansel Blackford

Business History in the Teaching American History Program
Stuart D. Hobbs

Newspapers, Radio, and the Business of Media in the United States
Michael Stamm

Selling Black Beauty: African American Modeling Agencies and Charm Schools in Postwar America
Malia McAndrew

Robert Noyce, Silicon Valley, and the Teamwork Behind the High-Technology Revolution
Leslie Berlin



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