Museum of Afghan Civilization

17 04 2010

Kandahar City in 1881. Looks like it was a craphole even back then.

The Museum of Afghan Civilization is scheduled to debut in 2010. This museum is going to be completely virtual. Online exhibits hosted by brick-and-mortar national museums are nothing new, but the idea of creating a purely online national museum is interesting, especially in light of the security situation in that country. The problem with a bricks- and-mortar museum in Afghanistan is that the bricks might get blown up. I suspect that this bilingual (English and French) website also has a public diplomacy function for Afghanistan’s government, which is widely regarded as corrupt by taxpayers in Western countries. “Hey look at this pottery! See we’ve been civilized for millenia. Continue to send us guns and money!” It’s all about the creation of usable pasts I guess. So Western taxpayers– watch your wallets!

Hat tip to Krista McCracken’s excellent public history/digital humanities blog.



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