Current PhD Theses/Dissertations on Topics in Canadian History, 1815-1891

19 04 2010

Last Friday, I sent out the following message on H-Canada.

To whom it may concern:

I am putting together a database of PhD and other graduate students who
are working on topics that deal with British North America/Canada 1815
to 1891. If you are interested in being included in this database,
please send me your name, thesis title, university, and the name of your

Je suis en train de créer une base de données des étudiants au
doctorat qui travaillent sur l’Amérique du Nord Britannique/Canada
durant la période 1815 À 1891. Si vous souhaitez être inclus dans ma
base de données, veuillez m’envoyer votre nom, le titre de votre thèse, votre
affiliation institutionnelle, et le nom de votre directeur.


Andrew Smith

These are my responses to date:

Paul John Reale
“Creating a ‘British Country’: Empire and Education in Upper Canada, 1791-1871”
The University of Chicago
Dissertation Chair: John E. Craig

Patrick J. Connor
Department of History, York University, Toronto
“‘The Purest of Gifts’: Royal Clemency, Patronage, and the Politics of Pardon in
Upper Canada, 1791-1841”
Supervisor: Doug Hay.

Jacob Ginger, Queen’s University
‘The Political Economy of Faith:  Shaping God, Mammon and the State in Nineteenth-Century Upper Canada’  (working title)
Supervisor:  Dr. Jeffrey L. McNairn

Daniel Rueck
“Mohawk Land Practices and the Liberal Order: An environmental history of Kahnawake”
McGill University
Supervisor: Elsbeth Heaman

Janine Rizzetti
Thesis title: “A Lamentable Succession of Follies and Consequent Disasters: The Colonial Career of Mr Justice John Walpole Willis”
University: La Trobe University, Bundoora Australia
Supervisors: Prof. Richard Broome; Dr Jennifer Ridden

Christopher Herbert
“White Gold:  Power, Empire, and Identity in the California and British Columbia Gold Rushes”
University of Washington
Supervisor:  John Findlay

name: Katrin Urschel
thesis title: “Surfacing Again: Ethnic Identity in Irish-Canadian Literature”
university: National University of Ireland, Galway
supervisor: Dr. Riana O’Dwyer

Allison O’Mahen Malcom
The University of Illinois at Chicago
Advisor: Prof. Richard R. John (who is now at Columbia)
“Anti-Catholicism and the Rise of Protestant Nationhood in North America,

Wendi Lindquist
“Death and Dying on the Northwest Coast of North America, 1774-1858”
University of Washington
Supervisor Professor John Findlay.

Bradley Miller
“Emptying the Den of Thieves: International Fugitives in British North
America, 1800-1910”
University of Toronto
Supervisor: Jim Phillips



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