CFP War of 1812 Conference

5 12 2010

2012 will be the bicentenntial of the beginning of the War of 1812-14.
Once described as the ‘forgotten’ war, there are already indications
that there will be widespread commemoration ceremonies across North
America, mostly sponsored and organized by national, state and
provincial governments, by tourist organizations, and by local
historical societies. We have therefore decided that it would be an
appropriate time to hold an international conference that revisits the
scholarly literature and scholarly debates over the causes, conflicts
and consequences of the War as well as the way in which the War has
been remembered and commemorated in Britain, Canada and the United
States over the past two centuries. As the Conference title indicates,
we are particularly interested in papers that challenge existing
interpretations and offer new approaches. It is our intention to
produce a volume of essays selected from those given at the Conference.

The conference will be held at the University of London from 12-14
July 2012. These dates were chosen to overlap with the annual
conference of the Transatlantic Studies Association, which will be
held in Cork from 9-12 July 2012 so that scholars who wish to do so
can attend both.

Further details on the Transatlantic Studies Association can be found
on its website at

The conference on ‘The War of 1812: Myths and Realities’ will be held
in partnership with the Institute for the Study of the Americas at the
University of London, Canterbury Christ Church University, and the
National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. If you are interested in
proposing a paper, please send along a paragraph describing your
proposal and a short c.v. to either Phillip Buckner (
) or to Tony McCulloch ( no later than
12 July 2011.



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