European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH) Conference

13 04 2011

The third European Congress in World and Global History opens tomorrow at the London School of Economics. It was organised by the European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH).

There are some really interesting papers on the program.  This is what I would call industrial strength historical research on global history: comparative, theoretically rigorous, and cosmopolitan.   

The plenary forum is really interesting to me as someone who has always tried to situate Canadian history in its global and imperial contexts:

Hosted by the German Historical Institute London and kindly supported by Campus Verlag, Princeton University Press and Cambridge University Press the Plenary Forum on ‘ Empires and Colonies ’ takes place Friday, 15 April, 6.30–8.30 pm. Three outstanding scholars in the field – Frederick Cooper (New York University), John Darwin (University of Oxford), and
Regina Grafe (Northwestern University) – will discuss various, possibly contradicting approaches to imperial and colonial history, chaired by Peer Vries (University of Vienna).



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