Interesting Papers at the CHA

31 05 2011

The Canadian Historical Association begins its annual conference today. I can’t be there for multiple reasons, but have read the program. Here are the papers that I find most interesting.  

Roundtable on Alan Tayor’s The Civil War of 1812: American Citizens, British
Subjects, Irish Rebels, and Indian Allies. Participants: Cecilia Morgan, OISE, University of Toronto;  H. V. Nelles, McMaster University ;Julia Roberts, University of Waterloo;  Alan Taylor, University of California at
David Hackett Fischer, Brandeis University,  “Toward an Ethnohistory of Samuel de Champlain”

Eric Sager, University of Victoria, “Canada’s Census: A Short History of the Long Form”

Don Nerbas, McGill University “Engineering Canada: C. D. Howe and the Transformation of Canadian Capitalism 1935-1947”

Veronica Strong-Boag, University of British Columbia, “The Less Than Mighty Scot? The Quandary of John Gordon, Earl/later Marquess of Aberdeen (and Temair), 1847-1934”

Kristin Hall, University of Waterloo, “Men Don’t Shop, They Invest: John Bayne Maclean and the Creation of a Male Canadian Consumer Culture in The Busy Man’s Magazine, 1905-1911”

Jack Little, Simon Fraser University “From Borderland to Bordered Land: Reaction in the Eastern Townships Press to the American Civil War and the Threat of Fenian Invasion”

I don’t know whether the CHA has plans to podcast any of these presentations. If anybody knows of any links to podcasts, please pass them on so that I can share them here.



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