Trading Consequences

14 02 2012

A few weeks ago, I mentioned on this blog that a team of historians in Canada and Scotland had won a big grant from the Digging Into Data challenge.  The blog related to their project, Trading Consequences, is now up and running.

Trading Consequences will “investigate the environmental and economic histories of the rapid expansion of commodity frontiers and trade in the British Empire and Canada during the nineteenth century…This collaborative project between environmental historians in Canada and computational linguistics and computer science scholars in the UK will use text mining techniques to explore hundreds of thousands of pages of historical documents related to trade in the British Empire during the nineteenth century. Although our research will have a global scope, it will particularly emphasize the role of Canadian natural resources in the network of commodity flows.”

This project sounds fascinating and I’m certain that I will find ways to take advantage of all of the data they will be making available to the public.

Teams: York University, Canada: Prof Colin Coates (PI), Dr Jim Clifford, Prof Gillian McGillivray University of Edinburgh, UK: Prof Ewan Klein (PI), Dr Claire Grover, Dr Beatrice Alex, Dr James Reid (EDINA) University of St Andrews, UK: Prof Aaron Quigley (PI)


Read more here.




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