Discovery of Previously Unknown Primary Source About the Bretton Woods Conference

1 03 2012

Prof. Eric Rauchway reports on the Edge of the American West blog that a previously unknown 800 page plus transcript of the 1944 Bretton Woods conference has been discovered in the library of the US Treasury.  Bretton Woods established the foundations of much of today’s international monetary system.

Read more here.

This is great news for many historians, not least Rauchway. His faculty profile reports that he is:

currently working on a history of the Bretton Woods agreements of 1944, and their antecedents and consequences. Not only does the conference of 1944 mark the beginning of a period of international consultation on monetary and financial matters that continues today, it is an important phase in Anglo-American and US-Soviet relations, as well as relations between the developed and developing world. In addition, the politics surrounding adoption of the Bretton Woods system within the US began a modern era of influencing public opinion for the purposes of shaping international arrangements.



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