Business History at the CHA

24 05 2012

AS: There will be some business history related papers/meetings the forthcoming conference of the Canadian Historical Association in Waterloo.

Business History Committee Meeting Canadian Historical Association
– Monday May 28, 2012 12-1:15 MC2038

[le francais suit]


I would like to invite you all to the business meeting of the Business History Committee of the Canadian Historical Association. Please bring
your ideas and we will discuss the future directions, activities, and governance of the committee.

The time and location of the meeting is from 12:00-1:15 on Monday May 28 in the Waterloo Math and Computer Science Building Room MC2308.

Though it takes place at lunch hour there is no provision for lunch, so brown bagging will be the order of the day.

Also, please see below for two panels of particular interest to business historians.

The meeting will be chaired by  J. Andrew Ross,  Lecturer, Department of History and Department of Economics
University of Guelph,

Panels of Interest

8:30-10:00/ 8 h 30-10 h 00 Waterloo  MC 2038

Business and Government Control of Media – Historical Questions, Connections and Reflections / Contrôle des médias par les entreprises
et le gouvernement : questions historiques, connexions et réflexions

4.1 Kristin Hall, University of Waterloo
“I give you these particulars to let you know something of the system which we have”: The Maclean Publishing Company of Canada and the Establishment of a British Subsidiary, 1913-1918

4.2 Colin McCullough, York University
“You can’t say anything that contradicts the pictures”: The National Film Board of Canada’s representations of peacekeeping, 1957-1964

4.3 Michael Stamm, Michigan State University
“The Local Newspaper as Multinational Corporation: The Chicago Tribune across the United States-Canada Border”

Facilitator / Animatrice : Barbara Freeman, Carleton University

10:30-12:00 / 10 h 30-12 h 00 Waterloo MC 2017

45. The Visible Hand: Government Regulation and Business / La main visible : la règlementation gouvernementale et les entreprises

45.1 Braden Hutchinson, Queen’s University
Manufacturing an Industry? Marginal Children, the Craft Toy Movement and the Consuming Child, 1914-1919

45.2 John Hillhouse, McMaster University
State Protectionism and Regulation in the Canadian Life Insurance Industry, 1950-1965

45.3 Dimitry Anastakis, Trent University
Foreign Investment Scare, or Fair Share? The Rhetoric and Realities of Canadian Economic Nationalism, 1968-1984

Facilitator / Animateur : Steven Hewitt, University of Birmingham



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