John Chester Eno

9 08 2012

I recently came across an individual, John Chester Eno, who deserves to be studied. He would be a suitable topic for an MA student at a Canadian university. Someone could also write a good article about him. 

There are no secondary works on Eno, who was the President of the Second National Bank in New York City. In 1884, he fled to Canada with about $100,000 he had stolen from the banks vaults. Canada’s extradition treaty did not require Eno’s return to the US. He settled in Quebec.

Then the story gets really interesting. Eno was made the treasurer of the South Laurentian Railway. He also appears to have invested the stolen money in various other companies. It’s amazing that businessmen in Canada regarded Eno as a legitimate person they could hire as their treasurer! Their reasons for trusting Eno, a known embezzler, deserve to be investigated. 

In 1893, Eno decided to return to the US and face the criminal charges. There were various attempts to bring him to justice but all of these charges were either quashed by judges on technicalities or were dropped by prosecutors for mysterious reasons. He died in 1914.

It would be really interesting to know more about how Canadians reacted to the arrival of this fugitive from justice. 




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