Crediting Canada: Canada as an Economic World Leader?

20 09 2012

38th Annual British Association for Canadian Studies Conference

London, 3–5 April 2013
Call for papers

Canada was widely credited with avoiding the worst of the (ongoing) 2008 sub-prime recession by virtue of a prudent and robust banking system. A further combination of factors has led to booming demand for resource exports and the Canadian dollar has risen noticeably against weaker currencies.

In this conference we seek to examine the deeper roots of – and wider implications of – Canada’s “Triple A” image. How have writers, commentators and researchers – of all perspectives – come to view this new situation? A robust currency can imply losers as well as winners: for example, manufacturers see their prices rise in export markets. How have the cultural and creative industries fared? How is the public sector adjusting? How are Federal-Provincial relationships affected? What are the implications for sustainability, including the environment, of a dependence on resource development for Canada’s economic future? Spatially, which cities and regions are thriving and are any falling behind? What are the implications of “Triple A” for migrants and migration policy – but also for indigenous peoples? All who have social, cultural, political or economic insights into how Canada has become a “Triple A” place to live, work and play are invited to make contributions to our event.
The conference will take place in London over three days beginning with an opening evening reception and keynote address at the refurbished Canada House on Trafalgar Square. The second day will feature additional keynotes and panels related to the conference themes at Canada House. The final day of the conference will be held at the Eccles Centre of the British Library with panels related to the conference themes or to the wider field of Canadian studies.
The deadline for paper or panel proposals is Friday 30 November 2012.
Enquiries and proposals to:

Jodie Robson, BACS Administrator


Proposals (panel and individual) and deadline:

Email abstract(s) of 200–300 words and brief CV (please do not exceed one side of A4) which must include your title, institutional affiliation, email and mailing address by 30 November 2012. Submissions will be acknowledged by email. Postgraduate students are especially welcome to submit a proposal and there will be a concessionary conference fee for students. BACS regrets that it is unable to assist participants with travel and accommodation costs.



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