Funding Opportunity for Doctoral Students

14 12 2012

Research Project Award Scheme (University of Aberdeen): Comparative
Statecraft and Constitutional Thought

The University of Aberdeen provides funding for innovative doctoral-level
projects from high-calibre applicants on Comparative Statecraft and
Constitutional Thought.

Our understanding of legitimate governance in principle and practice has
generally been studied through the lens of western paradigms: the United
Nations, the nation-state, the separation of church and state, the will of
the people. Seeking to break this mould, the Research Project initiative
will support contemporary and historical research from across the humanities
and social sciences on the comparative study of indigenous understandings of
legitimate governance. In particular, we are looking for research proposals
on: (i) The development of indigenous constitutional documents and
frameworks; (ii) The historical and ethnographic study of systematised modes
of statecraft; and (iii) The intellectual genealogy and writings of
non-western constitutional thinkers.

The studentships are open to all nationalities and will cover home/EU or
Overseas fees. Deadline for applications (for entry October 2013) is 8 March



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