My Panel at the 2013 BHC

18 01 2013

I’m going to be presenting at the 2013 Business History Conference in Columbus, Ohio in March. The program is now online.  This is my panel:

Money, Trade, and Financial Institutions in China and Hong Kong

Chair: Huei-Ying Kuo, Johns Hopkins University
Discussant: The Audience

Dean Austin, The Ohio State University, “The Culture of Money in Nineteenth-Century China”

Miriam Kaminishi, National University of Singapore, “Comparative Analysis of the Culture of Financial Business in China in the Early Twentieth Century: The British and Japanese Experiences”

George Zhijian Qiao, Stanford University, “Dashengkui and Big Business in Qing Mongolia”

Andrew D. Smith, Coventry University, “Creating the Post-Colonial Bank: HSBC between 1945 and 1965”



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