Papers on Canadian Business History at the 2013 BHC

12 03 2013

AS: Both of the papers on Canadian business history topics at this year’s BHC relate to radio. (See papers in bold below). 


F Radio in Everyday Practice
Fairfield Room

Chair: James L. Baughman, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Discussant: Robert MacDougall, University of Western Ontario

Anne MacLennan, York University
Manufacturing and Marketing Technology for the Home: Radio Manufacturers’ Advertising Design, Technology, and the Everyday Uses of Radio, 1922-1960, in Canada 

Cynthia B. Meyers, College of Mount Saint Vincent
Salesmanship vs. Showmanship: Advertising Agencies in Radio during the 1930s-1940s

Aidan Moir, York University
Revealing Radio’s Regality: Marketing Cultural Capital and Economic Democratization in Early Canadian Radio Advertising, 1929-1959



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