Economic History Society Conference

3 04 2013

I’m going to be attending the Economic History Society conference in York this weekend.

Our presentation is part of the following panel.

IG: Doing Business in a British World, c.1850-1930 (chair: Leigh Gardner) (D/056)

The culture of shareholder-management relations in British FSCs and MNCs, 1850-1914
Andrew Smith (Coventry University) & Kevin Tennent (University of York)

The politics of Imperial commerce: The Congress of Chambers of Commerce of the Empire, 1886-1914
Andrew Dilley (University of Aberdeen)

How to organise a ‘capital strike’: The British Australasian Society and the Queensland government, 1899-1924
Bernard Attard (University of Leicester)


My panel coincides with the following panel, which is really unfortunate because I’m very interested in the papers that are part of it.
IF: Business History I: Ownership and Control (chair: Steven Toms) (D/L/003)

Corporate ownership and control in Victorian Britain
Gareth Campbell, John D Turner, Nadia Vanteeva (Queen’s University Belfast) & Graeme G Acheson (University of Ulster)

IPO waves: an empirical analysis of going-public decisions in the Netherlands, 1876-2009
Wilco Legierse & Abe de Jong (Erasmus University)

The diffusion and impact of the corporation in 1910
James Foreman-Peck (Cardiff University) & Leslie Hannah (University of Tokyo)

I’m going to go listen to the following panels:


IID: Financial Institutions (chair: Albrecht Ritschl) (D/104)

What caused Chicago bank failures in the Great Depression? A look at the 1920s
Natacha Postel-Vinay (London School of Economics)

The determinants of market exit in the German insurance sector during the interwar period
Stephan Werner (London School of Economics)

Liability or asset? The City of London and the British economy, c.1957-79
Aled Davies (University of Oxford)

IIIH: Business History II: New and Old Approaches (chair: Abe de Jong) (D/L/003)

Price, quality, and organisation: branding in the Japanese silk-reeling industry from the 1880s to the 1900s
Masaki Nakabayashi (University of Tokyo)

Institutions, law, and export markets: the Lancashire textile industry c.1880-c.1914
Aashish Velkar (University of Manchester) & David Higgins (University of York)

Competing with the ‘Orient’: Dundee’s response to Calcutta in the jute trade, c.1880s-1939
Jim Tomlinson (University of Dundee)

Back to the failure: an analytic narrative on the De Lorean debacle
Graham Brownlow (Queen’s University Belfast)
1630-1730 Plenary session (History & Policy): (chair: tba) (D/L/028)
The relevanc of Keynes today
Nick Crafts (University of Warwick)
Jim Tomlinson (University of Dundee)
Martin Chick (University of Edinburgh)


IVA: Business History III: MNEs (chair: Eric Golson) (D/L/002)

Can I take the brass plate down now? The fate of international mining firms from 1950
Kevin Tennent, Philip Garnett & Simon Mollan (University of York)

Oil and Middle East Politics: the case of British Petroleum (BP) and Shell in the Suez crisis
Neveen Abdelrehim, Josephine Maltby (University of York) & Steven Toms (University of Leeds

VH: Financial History III: Stock Markets (chair: David Higgins) (D/L/036)

Stock market investors herding behaviour during the German hyperinflation
Carsten Burhop (University of Vienna), Martin Bohl, Arne C Klein & Pierre L Siklos (University of Muenster)





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