Ged Martin’s New Biography of the Dominion of Canada’s First Prime Minister

11 06 2013

Ged Martin, professor emeritus at the University of Edinburgh, has published his new biography of Sir John A. Macdonald. This long-awaited book includes new information about Macdonald’s drinking problem, his relationship with French Canada, and the scandal that was brewing in the period immediately before his death. (Martin speculates that the Andrew Bancroft scandal may have hastened Macdonald’s demise).

I’m most interested in reading the parts of the book that cover the impact of the 1837 rebellion on Macdonald’s approach to political conflict. It will also be interesting to see what Martin says about Macdonald and race, which is perhaps the most sensitive issue any 21st-century biographer of the man must face.

I understand that Professor Martin is interested in giving interviews about this book. Journalists and others who wish to speak to him can find his contact details by emailing me.




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