Conference: ‘William Lyon Mackenzie King: Unsung Hero?’ Conference Programme

5 07 2013

King and other allied leaders in Quebec City, 1943

Here is the programme of the conference. I’m looking forward to seeing my old colleague, Stephen Azzi, fellow Canadian history blogger Chris Dummitt, and all of the other presenters.

UCL Institute of the Americas, 51 Gordon Square, London, WC1H OPN

11.00am WELCOME – Tony McCulloch (UCL Institute of the Americas)
11.15-12.30pm KEYNOTE LECTURE (ROOM 103, 1st floor)

Hector Mackenzie, Department of Foreign Affairs, Ottawa, and Carleton
University “Historians and Mackenzie King”

12.30-1.30pm LUNCH (AMERICAS ROOM)
1.30-3.30pm MACKENZIE KING – THE ENIGMA, Chair: Phil Buckner
(University of New Brunswick)

Julie Gilmour, University of Toronto “Mackenzie King, Empire and his adventures in Asia, 1908-1909”

Jatinder Mann, King’s College London “Mackenzie King and Canadian immigration policy”

Anna Girling, University of Edinburgh “Sheep and dogs and the “Scotch psychic sense: Mackenzie King’s genealogical excursions”

Christopher Dummitt, Trent University “Mackenzie King’s dirty secrets and the making of a prurient democracy”

4.00-5.30pm MACKENZIE KING – THE STATESMAN, Chair: J J Jockel (St
Lawrence University)

Matthew Trudgen, Dartmouth College “Dealing with the Americans: Mackenzie King and continental defence, 1938-1943”

David Haglund, Queen’s University “Mackenzie King and the MacCormac thesis”

Stephen Azzi (and Norman Hillmer), Carleton University “The cautious transformer: Mackenzie King as political leader”



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