Business History PhD Studentship Strathclyde Business School

19 07 2013
AS: Interested in doing a funded PhD in business history?  Interested in doing something rather interdisciplinary? Check out this opportunity:
Dynamic systemic strategic risk modelling. An analysis of historical explorations to inform risk management thinking

Informal enquiries to: Dr Andrew Perchard, Department of Strategy & Organisation; Applications to: Hilde Quigley,  (UK/EU fees covered)

Applications are welcomed from a PhD candidate to join a lively and innovative hub of researchers working in the fields of risk management, strategic decision-making, and business history, across the Departments of Strategy and Organisation, and Management Science, at Strathclyde Business School. The project builds upon previous research undertaken within the Department of Management Science on behalf of NASA, to explore strategic decision-making and risk assessment of large historical exploration expeditions. Drawing on choice theory and ‘bounded rationality’, this project adopts an explicitly historical perspective to examine questions over risk evaluation.

This project will give the student a great opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team within a vibrant intellectual culture. We would welcome candidates from a range of disciplines but an historical background would be advantageous.



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