Webinar on The History of the ATM

31 07 2013

Japanese ATM with Palm Scanner


Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo and Tom Harper, co-authors of Cash Box: the Invention and Globalization of the ATM, will be talking about the history of the ATM, from its contested beginnings to its unlikely role in the world of mobile phone. The co-authors will summarize the highlights of their book and make you an instant expert on the history (and future) of this 50 year-old industry.

Any history of banking, business, or computers in the last half century would be incomplete without the story of the ATM. Though invented almost five decades ago, this simple machine has survived competing technologies, evolving consumer habits and cultural shifts.

You can watch the webinar here.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post carried an incorrect link.



2 responses

1 08 2013
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo (@BatizLazo)

Thank you very much for this Andrew – here is a link directly to the podcast https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/playback/Playback.do?id=8h821e

6 08 2013
Tom Harper (@TomRHarper)

Thanks Andrew!

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