References to Americanization in the British Parliament

16 08 2013

I’m currently supervising a research student who is interested in the Americanisation of British business in the twentieth century (i.e., the adoption of American business methods).

We did a keyword search of Hansard, the records of proceedings in the UK parliament. Hansard has been digitized back to 1803. The full text is available online, open access.  Here are the results of our search for Americanization/Americanisation.  Here are the results:

Search- -Americanisation- (Hansard) 19th Century

Search- -Americanisation- (Hansard) 20th Century

The spikes in the usage of the term in the 1890s and 1930s are interesting and will require additional investigation. I was wondering if my readers can suggest any possible explanations. Feel free to speculate a bit here: the student will be doing lots of research later to test various hypotheses.



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