EBHA Panel That Should Interest Canadians

24 08 2013

AS: There was a panel at the European Business History Association conference that should interest scholars of Canadian economic development.


1 B. Political Regulation of Natural Resources 1850-2000, a global perspective. Room B 153

Chair: Kevin Tennent (kevin.tennent@york.ac.uk)
Discussant: Ralf Banken (ralf.banken@t-online.de)

Zdravka Brunkova & Martin Shanahan, Univ. of South Australia, Australia, Did democratic institutions help Australia avoid the resource curse?

Andreas Dugstad, Espen Storli and Pål Thonstad Sandvik, NTNU, Regulation of Natural Resources in the Nordic Countries 1890-1940

Andrew Perchard, Strathclyde University, UK, Energy as National Aspiration: The Politics of Power in Scotland, 1945- 2014




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