Queen’s Alumni in the UK

20 09 2013

I recently noticed that LinkedIn will provide a geographical breakdown of where people who attended a given university are now living. You can further refine your search to show the locations of people who graduated in particular years. It looks like a great resource.


In a spare moment, I looked up graduates of my Alma Mater who are currently living in the United Kingdom. LinkedIn says that just over 76,000 Queen’s students and alumni are on LinkedIn, which sounds reasonable because I think about 100,000 people have studied at that university since its creation in 1841.  Most Queen’s alumni on LinkedIn live in Canada, which isn’t surprising, with large numbers living in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver, which is precisely what you would expect. 1,310 of  Queen’s graduates live in the United Kingdom. Of these, 414 were my contemporaries (i.e., people who studied at Queen’s between 1995 and 1999 and who are therefore now likely in their thirties). LinkedIn doesn’t say where in the UK they live, but given that many of these individuals work for firms such as PwC and Deutsche Bank, I suspect that most are in London.

Queen's Alumni in the UK All Dates

The first screen grab shows all Queen’s alumni in the UK. The image below show just my rough contemporaries (1995 to 1999).

Queen's Alumni in the UK, My Contemporaries

Queen’s Alumni in the UK, My Contemporaries

I know that there was a branch of the Queen’s alumni association in the UK before the financial crisis, but I think that it is now inactive. I haven’t the time to help re-establish one. However, if some other Queen’s alumni were to organize an informal gathering, say a barbecue in or near London, I would be interested in attending.



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