Tony Slaven Doctoral Workshop in Business History

17 10 2013

The Association of Business Historians is holding its third Tony Slaven doctoral training workshop on 26th and 27th June 2014. This is immediately preceding the 2013 ABH Annual Conference at the Newcastle University Business School and participants will also be welcome to attend the Annual Conference. This is an excellent opportunity for doctoral students to discuss their work with other research students in business history-related disciplines in an informal and supportive environment. Students at any stage of their doctoral career, whether first year or near submitting are encouraged to attend. In addition to providing new researchers with an opportunity to discuss their work with other research students in a related discipline, the workshop will also include at least one skills-related workshop.

Business history doctoral work is spread over a large number of departments and institutions and by bringing students for an annual workshop, we hope to strengthen links between students working on business history and related topics. For the purposes of the workshop `business history’ is therefore interpreted broadly, and it is intended that students in areas such as (but not confined to) the history of international trade, investment, financial history, agricultural history, not for profit organisations, government-industry relations, government policy towards trade and industry, accounting history, social studies of technology, and labour history will find it of interest. Students undertaking topics with a significant business history related element but in disciplines other than economic and business history are therefore also welcome. We would welcome papers from students researching any era whether, modern, early modern or medieval.


Students will present on a pre-circulated paper of no more than 5,000 words, and will be expected to act as discussant on another’s paper, with further time for group discussion. First year students might wish to present an overview of their project, including research questions and methodology. Those at a more advanced stage of their thesis might wish to present part of a draft chapter, or focus on one particular section or aspect of their thesis.

Students interested in attending the workshop should send their application to Dr Sheryllynne Haggerty, Department of History, School of Humanities, University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD. Email


The application should be no more than 4 pages: a one-page CV;  one page stating names of the student’s supervisors, the title of their thesis, the university and department where they are registered, the date of commencement of their thesis registration*; a two page abstract of their paper.


The deadline for submissions is 21 February 2014. Notification of acceptance will be made by 15

April 2014.


Four Tony Slaven scholarships are available, each worth up to £150, to contribute towards the travel, accommodation and registration costs of attending the doctoral workshop (not the ABH main conference). These will be awarded competitively prior to the workshop.  

*Students should clearly state if they wish to be considered for the Tony Slaven scholarships.


For further information, please contact Sheryllynne Haggerty at the above e-mail address.



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