The Founders of the Hong Kong Computer Society

22 10 2013

AS: I’ve recently been working on the history of  banking technology in Hong Kong. My co-author is Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, who teaches business history and bank management at Bangor University. We’ve discovered references to the Hong Kong Computer Society in the primary sources and I believe that this organization, which was founded in 1970, played a crucial role in the diffusion of the first few generations of computer technology in Hong Kong. We need to know more about the early history of the Society. I’ve found a list of the Society’s founders online. (The list also gives their employers as of 1970).

We would be very interested in interviewing any of the founders of the HKCS or indeed anyone else who was involved in the computer sector in Hong Kong in the 1960s and 1970s. Needless to say, we would only quote you in a publication with your consent. You could speak on or off the record. If any of the people on this list wish to contact me, my email address is andrewdavidallansmith at

List of Founders
(Employers at time of Foundation)

Mr H A Barros China Light & Power Company Limited
Mr Ian Bulloch The Taikoo Dockyard & Eng Company Hong Kong Limited
Mr Stephen K F Chung IBM World Trade Corporation
Mr K Dixon Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Company Limited
Mr Howard T Kleyn Cable & Wireless Limited
Mr Alan W L Lee NCR (HK) Limited
Dr Wanbil W Lee Computer Management Systems Limited
Mr D Lowe International Computer Limited
Mr Benjamin N H Mok Hong Kong Government
Mr Charles Nelson First National City Bank
Mr C K Poon The Hong Kong Electric Company Limited
Mr John P Rastello The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation
Mr G B Thomson Hong Kong Government
Mr Robert Tih The Chartered Bank
Mr R S Walters The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation
Mrs Lesley V Willsteed Philips Hong Kong Limited
Mr Richard A Willsteed Butterfield & Swire (Hong Kong) Limited
Mr Donald C K Wong On-Line (Hong Kong) Limited



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