Cool Essay Contest

26 11 2013

AS: Russ Roberts is running a really cool essay contest. Contestants must explain in 500 words or less whether we are living in an age of technological stagnation or rapid progress.  This contest was sparked by this week’s EconTalk podcast, which is with the noted economic historian Joel Mokyr.

I’m going to tell my economic history students about this contest. 

This week’s EconTalk features Joel Mokyr talking about technology, growth, and stagnation. He disagrees with Robert Gordon and Tyler Cowen about the likely future path of the American economy and the American standard of living. For the contest, send me a short essay that compares Mokyr’s vision of the future to Tyler Cowen’s vision articulated in his recent EconTalk episode, here. In the essay, briefly describe their two visions and then explain which one you find more compelling and why. Feel free to cite any evidence that might justify your argument.

Send essays to mail at econtalk dot org and for the subject line put “Contest.” I don’t care about the format, pdf, pages, word, or text in an email should all work. I will judge the essays based on clarity, thoughtfulness, accuracy and fairness in treating the ideas of Mokyr and Cowen and the overall quality of the writing.

The goal of the contest is to create resources that enhance the educational experience listeners get from EconTalk.

AS: Feel free to write your essay on a typewriter is you buy Tyler Cowen’s argument. 



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