Updated Profile

13 12 2013

I have updated the “About Me” section of this website to reflect the fact I have a new employer, the University of Liverpool’s Management School.  My new description reads:

This is the blog of Dr Andrew Smith, a lecturer in International Business at the University of Liverpool Management School.

I teach about international business, organizational change, and business history. My research interests centre on business and financial history, international business, corporate governance, political economy, and knowledge management.

I am a member of the British Academy of Management, the European Group for Organizational Studies, the Business History Conference, and the Association of Business Historians.

Past research:  My first book, which was published in 2008, was on the financial aspects of Canadian Confederation and the role of the City of London. My second book was a co-edited collection on the history of entrepreneurship in Canada. My third book, which is will be published by University of Toronto Press in January 2014, is an edited collection on globalization and Canadian business.  I have also published a number of articles and book chapters on topics such as the taxation, ethnicity and international capital flows, race and business, entrepreneurship, and banking regulation history.

Correspondence should be sent to: University of Liverpool Management School,  University of Liverpool, Chatham Street,  Liverpool L69 7ZH,  United Kingdom.

I have also updated my Academia.edu profile. My LinkedIn profile is in the process of being updated.



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