Canadian and US Banking History the 2014 SSHA

26 12 2013

AS: The next conference of the Social Science History Association will take place in Toronto in November 2014. The broad theme of the conference is the history of inequality, which is surely a sexy topic nowadays. I note with interest the Economics Network of the Social Science History Association is encouraging people to present papers on “Comparisons of banking systems (notably US and Canada).” In fact, a number of the designated themes for the economics track  would be of interest to business historians. I’ve highlighted them below.

The Economics Network of the Social Science History Association calls for papers for the 2014 Social Science History Association conference.  It will be held in Toronto, Ontario, from November 6-9, 2014.  The conference theme is “Inequalities:  Politics, Policy, and the Past.”

For more information including the conference-wide call for papers, and the other networks please see the SSHA website.

We invite submissions of economics-related papers or (preferably) full panels by February 14, 2014. We are also interested to hear from volunteer chairs or discussants.

The Economics network meeting at the November 2013 meetings
generated numerous ideas for panel sessions, including:
·         Approx. 100 years since the Federal Reserve Act and World War I
·         150 years since National Banking Acts
·         Approx. 200 years since War of 1812
·         Border studies, noting our conference’s proximity to
the Canada-US border
·         Meet the authors panel. We welcome suggestions of potential
books by authors and readers
·         Comparisons of banking systems (notably US and Canada)
·         Fifty years of the War on Poverty

Other submissions related to social science history that can be incorporated into interdisciplinary panels are welcome, especially if
they relate to the conference theme of “Inequalities”.

Submissions of either individual papers or whole sessions are welcome. A full sessions has four papers.

SSHA draws submissions of papers and panels through networks organized
by topic or field. The Economics network representatives are below.
Please contact the network chairs with any questions.

A submission must provide an abstract, title and contact information, and designate a network (or networks) where the paper is likely to fit. Please submit paper and session proposals at

We look forward to reading your interesting panel and paper proposals,
and the conference itself will be a pleasure.

Regards  — the Economics Network Representatives of the SSHA
·         Mark Geiger <>,
·         Matt Jaremski <>
·         Peter Meyer <>
·         Evan Roberts <>



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