My Recent Trip to Japan

17 01 2014

As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged that much in the last couple of week. That’s because I was in Japan for a research trip. It was extremely productive. In addition to being able to do some interesting archival research in the port city of Kobe (see picture below), I met with a substantial number of Japanese management academics, including business historians, international business scholars, and experts on the Management of Technology (MOT).


I also visited a number of Japanese universities, some of which are stunningly beautiful.





I really enjoyed my experiences at Ritsumeikan University, where Professor Eugene Choi was kind enough to introduce me to many of my colleagues during my time there. I also had the opportunity to present my research to a seminar at Ritsumeikan.

Obviously, I need to say thank you to Eugene Choi for his hospitality and to Tomoo Ichikawa of Nagasaki University for arranging my accommodation (I had a great flat in a wonderful research institute in Kyoto).

I also need to thank the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation for funding my travel costs.



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