Toronto’s Unilever Plant

4 02 2014

I’ve published on the history of Unilever, so I was very interested when I saw this story in Toronto’s National Post about the history of soap factory William Lever built in Toronto. I actually mention the Don River plant in my paper on the early history of Unilever’s North American operations.Don River Plant

Lever Brothers of Britain opened a factory in 1890 on the bank of the Don River in Toronto. For more than a century workers made soap here, including Sunlight and Dove products. In 2002 Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate, sold the factory (but not the land) to Pensler Capital Corp. of Princeton, N. J…. 

Fascinating stuff. An intrepid photographer who recently gained access to the building has put some of the photos of the interior on Facebook.

Hat tip to JAR.



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