The U.S. Experiment with a Coordinated Market Economy, 1920-1940

6 03 2014

AS: I’ve been planning which papers I’m going to hear at the forthcoming Business History Conference meeting in Frankfurt. It so happens that I’ve been teaching about “Varieties of Capitalism” this week.  It is common to distinguish Liberal Market Economies, such as the UK and the US, from Coordinated Market Economies such as Germany and Japan. I was, therefore, especially intrigued, by the second paper in the following  panel.

Policy and the Structure of Markets
Room 0.254

Chair and Discussant: Richard R. John, Columbia University

Torsten Feys, Universiteit GentThe Battle for the Migrants: The Introduction of Steamshipping on the North Atlantic and Its Impact on the European Exodus

Laura Phillips Sawyer, Harvard Business SchoolInstitutionalist Economics and Managed Competition: The U.S. Experiment with a Coordinated Market Economy, 1920-1940

Simone Selva, Università degli Studi di Napoli L’OrientaleMoney Market, Industrial Credit, Foreign Trade: American Assistance Policies and the Shaping of West European Consumer Societies from Bretton Woods through the 1970s Recession



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