Canada at the BHC 2014

13 03 2014

AS: I see a number of papers on Canadian business history topics on the programme of the forthcoming Business History Conference.  That’s very encouraging to me, as it suggests that the study of the history of Canadian business is being revived.

1.H    Business Scandals
Room 0.454

Chair and Discussant: Christopher McKennaSaïd Business School, University of Oxford

M. Stephen SalmonIndependent Scholar

“. . . she cannot earn anything in Europe”: Insider Networks, Marine Investments, and the Failure of the Home Bank of Canada, 1916-1923
[Abstract]     [Paper]

William J. HausmanCollege of William & Mary

Howard Hopson’s Billion-Dollar Utility Fraud: The Rise and Fall of Associated Gas and Electric Co. in the 1920s and 1930s

Alessandra TessariUniversità del Salento, and Giambattista Rossi,University of East London

From Calciomercato to Calciopoli: Illegal Practices in the Italian Football Industry, 1950-2006

4.C    Shaping the Welfare State
Room 254

Chair and Discussant: Francesco BoldizzoniUniversità degli Studi di Torino

Carol-Ann HudsonMcMaster University

Business and Poverty: A Modern History of Business and Social (Liberal) Reform in Canada

Natascha van der ZwanAmsterdams Instituut voor Arbeids Studies

Capital Scarcity, Ideational Change, and the Pension Free-for-All

Michael McCarthyMax-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung

Uncoordinated Neoliberalism: Evidence from the Rise of 401(k)s

Thomas PasterMax-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung

Business and the Welfare State: Bringing Power Back In—A Literature Review

5.F    Challenges of Banking Expansion
Room 0.251

Chair and Discussant: Youssef CassisEuropean University Institute

Victoria Barnes and Lucy NewtonHenley Business School, University of Reading

The Virtues and Vices of Branch Banking: Joint-Stock Banks and the Spread of Banking in England and Wales, 1826-1880

Laurence B. MussioMcMaster University

Canada’s “Reputational Capitalists”: Virtue, Vice, and Reputation at the Bank of Montreal, 1817-1900

Christopher KopperUniversität Bielefeld

The German Banks and the Europeanization of Banking during the 1980s



7.G    Legitimating “Vice”
Room 0.254

Chair and Discussant: Mara KeireOxford University

Matthew J. BellamyCarleton University

How to Keep Well in War Time: The Brewers’ Defence of Their Industry and Beer Drinking during World War II

Jo Ann OravecUniversity of Wisconsin, Whitewater

“A Cesspool of Crime” and “Robbery by Appointment”: Craigslist and the Ethics of Internet Advertisements

Devin McGeehan MuchmoreYale University

“I object to the term smut”: “Adult-type” Businessmen and the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, 1969-1970




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