My Panels at ABH 2014

16 06 2014

I’ll be presenting two papers at the Association of Business Historians conference in Newcastle later this month. Here are my panels:


Session  3-E:       Bank-Industry Relationships in the 20th Century

Chair: Lucy Newton

Andrew Smith, University of Liverpool: “Trading With the Enemy: HSBC’s Relationships with German

                Companies during the First World War”.

John Wilson (Newcastle University Business School), Gerhard Schnyder (Kings College, University of

                London) & Anna Tilba (Newcastle University Business School): “The Great Divide? Bank–

                industry relationships and corporate networks in Britain, 1904-2003”.

Julie Bower, University of Birmingham: “The formation of industrial conglomerates in the post-World

                War II era: the role of banking and finance”.




Session   4-E       Innovation and Technological Change

Chair: Mitch Larson

Andrew Smith (University of Liverpool) and Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, University of Bangor: “Managing

                technological change in Hong Kong’s retail banking (1945-2005)”.

David Bowie, Oxford Brookes University: “Diffusion of services innovation in mid-to-late nineteenth

                century English hotels: the Continental and American plan”


Please note that this David Bowie does not appear to be the famous musician!



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