CFP: Teaching History in Business Schools

28 07 2014

I recently posted a review of a brilliant new book on historical methodology. My review generated the following comment from a reader, which I am reposting here for the sake of visibility.  The comment is essentially a call for short papers by Stan Shapiro of SFU.  


As a retired marketing professor with a 60 year old Harvard History degree and an interest in the history of Canadian marketing, I find all of your blogs interesting. This review seemed especially perceptive. However, both the book itself and your review focuses on doing research on business history

As the Teaching and Learning Associate Editor of the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, I’d be interested in your views, and for that matter, other readers of your blog, on the effective teaching of business history, and especially the teaching of the history of marketing practice, within Business Schools. That teaching could be either within Business History courses or “mainstream” business offerings (like using history of retailing sources when teaching retailing).

Our Teaching and Learning section welcomes contributions of 2,500 to 3,000 words which discuss both the materials used and how they are used. Such contributions, once encouraged, will be treated essentially as invited pieces subject only to gentle editing. Potential contributors can reach me at

Stan Shapiro



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