RMC Conference: Turning Point Year: The British Empire at War in 1917

30 09 2014

Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario

Royal Military College (RMC)

Turning Point Year: The British Empire at War in 1917

$185 regular • $125 student

Registration fee includes banquet, lunches and coffee breaks.

For further information: http://www.rmcc.forces.gc.ca/aca/his/1917conf-eng.php


Thursday 6 November:

0815-0820 – Welcome
0830-0930 –William Philpott, “Never Over by Christmas: Meeting the Challenges of Interminable War”

0930-1030 – Keith Neilson, Royal Military College of Canada, “The Blockade in 1917”

1030-1045 – break

1045-1215 – PANEL, “The Evolving Relationship of Britain and the Dominions in 1917”
Chris Madsen and Michael Moir, “The Imperial Munitions Board and Merchant Shipbuilding in Canada”
Michael Carroll, “Resolution IX and the Diplomatic Revolution of 1917”
Rachel Lea Heide, “Genesis of Canada’s Air Force: The rise of Nationalism amongst Canadian Airmen, 1917”

1215-1315 – LUNCH

1315-1415 – Matthew Hughes, Command, Strategy and the Battle for Palestine, 1917

1415-1545 – PANEL, “The Imperial War Effort in Africa and the Middle East”
Tim Stapleton, “The Africanization of British Imperial Forces in the East Africa Campaign, 1917”
Harry Knight, “War a World Away: The Arab Bureau, the Arab Revolt and the Creation of an Arab Façade”
Justin Fantauzzo, “The Finest Feats of the War: Baghdad, Jerusalem and Popular Opinion in the British Empire”

1545-1600 – break

1600-1700 – Geoffrey Grey, “The Egyptian Expeditionary Force in 1917”

1900-2200 – Banquet at Fort Frontenac Officers’ Mess

Friday 7 November:

0830-0930 – John Crawford, “’New Zealand Is Being Bled to Death’: New Zealand Manpower Policy in the Toughest Year of the War”

0930-1030 – Serge Durflinger, “Vimy’s Consequence? The Montreal Riots of 1917”

1030-1045- break

1045-1215 – PANEL, “The Mobilization of Societies in 1917”
Steven Marti, “’OUR Unit’: Mobilizing Minorities in Canada, 1916-1917”
John Moses, “The Six Nations War Effort in 1917: Year of Contention”
Andrea Ellner, “Enrol Today! Women’s Auxiliary Services in Britain, the US and Germany from 1917”

1215-1315 – Lunch

1315-1415 – Ian F. W. Beckett, “General Headquarters and the British Expeditionary Force in 1917”

1415-1545 – Panel: “Supporting the War on the Western Front”
Andrew Iarocci, “’Nothing that Can Be Used Shall Go to Waste….’ Salvage, Thrift and Economy in the British Empire Armies, 1917”
Andrew McEwen, “’Just Worked to Death’: Animal Wastage in the Battle of Arras”
William Stewart, ‘Higher Standards of Canadian Infantry Replacements’: The Transformation of Canadian Infantry Recruit Training in 1917”

1545-1600 – break

1600-1700 – Mark Connelly, “British Propaganda and Newspaper Coverage of the Imperial Effort in 1917”



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