BLOG #2: The Importance of Reconnaissance Trips in Research Projects – A Photo Essay

19 12 2014

My research collaborators on the Empire Trees Climate project have posted an update about the recent Bermuda research trip on our blog. The post, which contains some great images, contains some great information that highlights the interdisciplinary nature of the project.

empire trees climate

By: Kirsten Greer

This past December, Empire Trees Climate travelled to Bermuda to conduct preliminary research for the project’s May 2015 research trip. Working with the National Museum of Bermuda and Conservation Services, Bermuda Government, team members Kirsten Greer and Adam Csank toured the island to core trees, identify historic buildings, and examine records in the archives.  The May 2015 trip will centre on sampling historic buildings and shipwrecks associated with British North American and Bermudian timbers, as well as critically reconstructing past landscapes and climates in both Bermuda and Atlantic Canada.


Our project would not be possible without the support of the National Museum of Bermuda and Conservation Services, Bermuda Government. Staff members helped us identify potential field sites, assisted with fieldwork, and housed us during our stay. Thank you to Elena Strong, Mark Outerbridge, Edward Harris, Andrew Harris, and Alison Copeland for helping…

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