CFP: Taylor’s World

14 01 2015

On September 24th and 25th, 2015, Stevens Institute of Technology will be hosting a conference on the life and legacy of F.W. Taylor, a graduate of Stevens who is widely recognized as the father of scientific management. The event marks the centennial of Taylor’s death in 1915, and will explore both Taylor’s place in history and his legacy in the 21st century. We welcome proposals for either individual papers or full panels.

Potential topics include but are in no way limited to:

  • Taylor’s influence on contemporary management practice
  • The movement of Taylor’s ideas around the globe
  • Vestiges of Taylorism in digital media and labor, including Digital Turking and other forms of crowd sourcing
  • The place of organized labor, race, gender, and sexuality in Taylor’s thought and work
  • Taylor’s place in intellectual and cultural history
  • Taylor’s influence on sports technologies, especially golf and tennis
  • The effect of Taylorism on business strategy and technological change

Stevens Institute of Technology is located in Hoboken, NJ, directly across the Hudson River from New York City. Founded in 1870, Stevens students, faculty, and partners leverage their collective real-world experience and culture of innovation, research and entrepreneurship to confront global challenges in engineering, science, systems and technology management.

In 1933, Stevens Institute of Technology held a Fiftieth Anniversary celebration of the graduation of Frederick Winslow Taylor. At that time his family, friends and associates presented personal mementos, books, documents and graphic material to Stevens in his memory. It was an important occasion to which many close friends and associates came to honor him. Upon the death of Dr. Taylor’s widow, his sons, Dr. Kempton P.A. Taylor and Mr. Robert P.A. Taylor, presented the Taylor archive to Stevens in 1949.

Please submit proposals for papers or panels by 1 March 2015, by filling out submission proposal form. Paper proposals should be 250–500 words; panel proposals should collect individual paper abstracts of that same length and also include a brief description of the panel’s overarching theme. Panel proposals may also suggest possible commentators.

All other inquiries about the conference can be sent to Leah Loscutoff,



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