Asian Imperial Banking History

17 02 2015

Readers interested in Asian financial history may want to check out an edited collection that was recently published by Pickering and Chatto as part of their  Money, Banking, and International Finance series.  Hubert Bonin, Nuno Valério, and Kazuhiko Yago, eds. Asian Imperial Banking History. 2015.

Part I: The Specificities of Imperial Banking

Introduction: Issues Regarding Asian Imperial Banking – Hubert Bonin
1 French Overseas Banking as an Imperial System: A Background for Asian Developments – Hubert Bonin
Part II: Imperial Banking in China
2 Correspondent Banking Networks and Branch Activities in ‘Imperial Banking’: The Russo-Chinese Bank in Shanghai, 1902 – Kazuhiko Yago
3 Competing Imperial Banking: The Yokohama Specie Bank and HSBC in China – 1919 as a Watershed? – Niv Horesh
4 Native Banking vs Imperial Banking in Early Twentieth-Century China: The Formation of the Joint Reserve Board in Shanghai to Foster Credit and Credibility – Tomoko Shiroyama
5 British Banks and the Chinese Indigenous Economy: The Business of the Shanghai Branch of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China (1913–37) – Man-han Siu
Part III: Imperial Banking and Imperialism
6 Russian and Soviet Imperial Banking in Asia in the 1910s and 1920s – Sofya Salomatina
7 Challenging Imperial Banking in India: From the Legacy of Empire to Nationalistic Rules – Ashok Kapoor
Conclusion – Hubert Bonin



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