Winners and Losers in Banking: Image, Identity, and Ideas in Finance in the North Atlantic World

1 04 2015

That’s the title of my panel at the 2015 Business History Conference. 

Andrew Smith, University of Liverpool
A Microhistorical Approach to Cosmopolitanism and Transnational Class Solidarity: The Thought of a London Merchant Banker during the First World War

Lucy A. Newton, Henley Business School, Reading, and Victoria S. Barnes, University of Reading
Remembering the Winners in British Banking: Images of Business History and Corporate Identity

Laurence B. Mussio, McMaster University
Winners, Losers, and Bankers in the Making of Canada’s Central Bank, 1932-1938

Jane Knodell, University of Vermont
Winners and Losers in Finance: The Second Bank and the “Shadow Banking System”



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